10|01 Strategies brings teams together to create solutions that protect healthcare resources.


We connect the right people at the right time to ensure success within the healthcare field.


Our Services

Our Services are Aimed at Getting You New Government Contracts


Policy Research, Education, and Training

When evaluating a new project, large or small, you need to know the history of the program and relevant policies. The sub-regulatory guidance and current processes point directly to Agency priorities and strategic goals. 10|01 will turn your team into Subject Matter Experts, adding credibility and authenticity to your proposal.



Once you win your new work, 10|01 offers project and program management expertise that helps push you from merely meeting your requirements to excelling at them. Whether it's a contract providing government services, systems maintenance and operations, or systems development, we have the experience to support your needs. The government wants to know that you can manage your contract and improve the processes  -- 10|01 will help you achieve your goals.


Solution & PROPOSAL Development

10|01 starts with a solid and complete understanding of healthcare policy to help craft a proposal that builds on your strengths, provides a compelling solution and maximizes the abilities of your team. 10|01 then assists with proposal writing to ensure that your submission is consistent and clearly demonstrates your value to the government.



10|01 stays with your project from inception through execution. Your success is our success.