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Policy expertise for expanding your health services reach

Providing you with timely insight into health payer policy to drive growth and change in health care delivery.

Your Personal Policy Experts

Strategic Health Policy Consulting

At Ten One Strategies, we specialize in navigating the complex world of healthcare payers, with a focus on government healthcare programs. We offer tailored solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.


With decades of government policy experience, we have a track record of helping clients shape their offerings to match the strategic goals of multiple government agencies, leading to increased sales for your target clients.

Our team understands operational and executive goals, and can help you and your team create a balanced product.

Our Process

Learn your History

We focus on supporting the companies and entrepreneurs driving change in healthcare. We listen to your goals and vision to try and understand not just what you want to accomplish, but why. This initial introduction drives our proposed solution and lets us design the tools for your success.

Government Payment Analysis

We each come to our projects with unique knowledge and goals. Our team supplements what you know and helps you sort through the relevant policies and programs to focus on what is most impactful for your clients, and your vision. Our executive and operational experience sets us apart.

Strategic Roadmap

Our team knows that policy goals take time to implement and are often communicated well in advance. We produce a road map for current opportunities as well as how to position yourself for future programs. While we build from policy, the roadmap is holistic.

Our Process

Results based approach


Coordination of Benefits

Understanding how payers know which one should pay and when is complex and difficult. We can help design a strategy for a third party liability and secondary payer compliance, or help understanding a one time occurence. 


Government Payment Analysis

Government health payers like Medicare and Medicaid use payments as their primary driver in change. We help you understand how your practice or service fits in these models and how to identify providers who would benefit from your products.


Policy Context for Government Services

We pair a history of business development and capture management with evaluation panel and policy experience to provide relevant policy and operational history to your must win bids through from solution development through mock panel reviews.


Expert Witness

Our team has the policy experience and expertise to provide expert analysis and evaluation of complex programs. We provide context, comparisons, and explanations to demonstrate how health programs operate and achieve policy goals.

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